Friday, December 15, 2017

Madame DuPompadour

Finally, we have lift off, the Madame DuPompadour space shuttle is away, you can find it here. Madame Du Pompadour

You wont want to miss this one from the luxury yarn and beads to all the lovelies freebies, fly on over and check it out. We like the lighter colors for this and will do any color you would like to see.  This is a wash of the faintest color, not to be confused with pastels.

Twist page has been reloaded and we have LOADS of scarves which can still get to you in time for Christmas gift giving. You can see these on our Facebook page and Instagram feed. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Madame Du Pompadour

Needed to pop in and let you know how the designs are progressing.

To start with Madame Du Pompadour has these amazing materials, 55/45% silk/cashmere blend of yarn with crystals and silver lined beads to make for a high end, luxurious knit. The shawls in test knit but I'm still tinkering with the edging. I know what I want and will work and re-work it until I'm satisfied with it. What with it being a mystery I think I can keep it as such and just say that it's AWESOME! It starts with a pretty flower which marches into Versailleske garden paths, bringing you out to this scalloped ending. SMASHING, no modesty here. This design has the old school Yarn Fairy written all over it. I dug deep for this pattern and I'm very pleased with it. Will set upon the goodies this coming week and open sales shortly thereafter. Then we will get everything pending out the door as well. This coming week will fly.
     The other patterns we have for you are the yearly KAL's. Not sure when these will hit but we are hard at work on them. Baltimore Album Blanket is cruising along at a steady clip but requires some very intensive pattern working in order to make it. This isn't your normal "knit work" but rather an applique blanket. Tangier's is much simpler to chart and the design is still solidifying. That said all the yarn is in stock and inspiring all by itself. We are going back up in both needle (1) and thread size (extra fine lace) to a manageable numbers.
     Upcoming in 2018, we introduce the Year of the Grim, as in Grimm Fairy Tales. Fairy tales the way they were meant to be, a little darker then the Disney versions. We will be bringing you a true "blood" color cape/shawl with a variety of reds to choose from. Can you guess which tale this is from? We've planned and drafted the entire year out, something new for us but with the work load, entirely necessary. This will keep us moving along at a nice clip and still allow for life's interruptions and other designers KAL's.
All in all, ending and beginning the years with a bang. We hope you'll all attend, enjoy. YF

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Black Friday Sale

It's the first, will it be the last? It's an amazing sale, as ya'll full well know, we don't put our yarns on sale but once a year so this makes twice for 2017. 

Black Friday Sale
     Or the everything’s on sale, “sale”  
Starting now through Monday night take 35% off the Twist page and 25% off of the following pages:

Stitch markers
Hiya Hiya
Order Yarn Page
Fae Transition
Raw Fiber

PM me for an invoice at

Does not apply to existing orders. As always kits and clubs excluded - they already have been discounted. Breed Study also excluded. Everything else is fair game, enjoy!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Scotland and Vanishing Point

We are hard at work attempting to get Advent out before the KAL begins. There was a flood of orders 20 days ago and that's what we've been focused on ever since. 
    Even so the creative side never sleeps. It was busy in the back of my mind while my hands were busy with the work, this is the result. Drum roll please... we give you Scotland.
Above on Elf Merino, below left on Fairy Medium, right on our Cash/merino sock base. A bad photo so I took the one on the left today out in the sun.

Finally in the toes of a pair of socks. More to come on social media as we have more length on the socks. Isn't this a fun color? Anything you work up will swirl and it had to be Scotland as it's the only place DH and I really need to see before we die.
     Next up is Vanishing Point, this was an accident I needed to recreate and so I did.

Dyed on a few different bases so that you can see how they vary. I love the Fairy Glamour, it's so classy on that silver. Will look great in a shawl and I can make it more subdued, to have less variation on the pops. It will end up being more of a solid blue/purple color instead of with these great pops of color.  :-)  LOL talking myself out of painting it in a shawl as we speak. I think it will still come through with all the fantastic colors but they will be subtle enough to work up lace.

 These skeins look even better in person, no matter what I do, they always look so much better in real life. PM me for your invoice and join the ranks who are knitting this up for Christmas presents. 
     Oh and don't forget the Holiday club will close first of December which is just over one week away. We have been listing new Advent colors, the shawl KAL begins on Friday but there's no time like the present to get you a set of these lovelies. Still dyeing for Mandala, Cleo and all the other KALs we have open. Spinning Club and Fae Yarn Club for this month have been dyed and will ship by the end of this month. And the Breed Study version three is open but will be dyed here soon. We need about 3 more of us now, which is a good thing :-) wmdress at, enjoy!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Weekend Update

    Quick update for ya'll, not sure ya'll know that we got a major shipment of roving in over the summer months. Yeah I've been quiet about it, ya'll been kept out of the loop far too long. Finally got some of it, (most of it?) loaded onto the Fiber page and made a button for it. You'll find them dirt cheap and some exotic, all are very lovely when painted in any of our colors or just give me guidelines or just tell me to go for it. Fiber 
     Did you see the video yesterday? It was a chopped video (loaded the wrong one) so I'm making another one today. There I'll share how the wool batts look like animal skins when dyed in one piece, up to 8 oz at once. These are just $15 per 4 oz and didn't make it into the button, sigh. Video's are found here be sure to subscribe and click the bell (alarm) button.
  List of happenings: 
Mandala's Heart has begun, clue 2 comes out next week.
Caesar and Cleopatra last call
Advent in full dyeing mode-special requests welcome. Shawl has been revealed 

Holiday Club open only until 12-1 
Boutique open 

Test knitters needed for Madame Du Pompadour and Plain Jane PM me at wmdress at

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Holiday Club

Hi Kiddies, it's that time again, the Holiday Club is now open.

Everything comes all wrapped up, ready to be put under your tree. As ya'll know, we go over board and spoil ya'll... well and truly over the minimum up on the site. Come out and play.

     AND WANTED test knitters. :-) For Plain Jane and Madame Du Pompadour, if interested, PM me. We provide a 25% refund upon completion prior to MKAL beginning and the pattern is free.
     If you haven't visited the Ravelry site lately, you should. We are making our Fall Sweater, I'm also knitting on tops this year. The blue one is from October.

This silver one is what I've got going on now. It's Kaylie of Firefly, our mechanic with the lace, ribbons and bows. I'm adding the tiny Swav crystal buttons up each side of the lace panel. The large eyelet holes going across the top will be getting the silk ribbon I dyed today, it's a perfect match.

We are doing all sorts of things over at Ravelry, including a snap contest shortly. HUM,,, been wondering what it was going to be and how it was going to work... perhaps that's the contest,,, share all of your projects. The one with the most going wins! LOL not ancient WIP's and UFO's but the stuff you actually touch at least once every week. 
What do you say? 
Come out and play.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


  Hi Kiddies, just a quick update! Last "dye day" turned into a dye week ya'll know we love to dye so no complaints here. We did up all the KAL orders, custom orders and did up a bunch of YF OOAK 100% cashmere. All of it shipped out last week in THREE massive mailing sacks that USPS has for bulk mailing.
   We accidentally purchased our high end yak blend in DK instead of sock weight. This is 60/20/20 SWMerino/yak/silk, completely and entirely luxurious, would make an amazing sweater. Normally $31.50 ea, if you want all of it, wheeling and dealing time.  Anyone interested in this should PM me to talk about what can be done with this base. It goes saturated real well.
  By the way, if you ever need any yarn for any project, do keep us in mind. The yarn on the right was made up for a special Christmas shawl. We can match any color and have more bases then almost all small Indies who only carry just three-five. Not only can we paint anything but our pricing is normally, well below market value. Quality, value, who could ask for more.


  • We have at least one more shawl this year which is rapidly taking shape, Madame Du Pompadour ALA Doctor Who. This is going to be worked in a heavy lace weight, light colors, crystals and sparkly beads to do her justice.
  • The design for Maleficent keeps going back to the scrape heap but she's still plugging in and making an appearance from time to time.
  • ADVENTurous kits are all ready have a look see.
  • The Holiday club will open early November in order to give you all a chance to get in timely. We will allow for the the shipping date of December 15 for USA, earlier for International orders.
  • Breed Study 3 is shaping up plus we have some CVM in a lovely deep, dark Twilight color that's so amazing. These will be bagged up in little 1 oz like the Rambo Rainbows.
  • Boutique is now open, we are making hats, woven scarves, collars, fingerless gloves and the like, small gifts in time for your Holiday shopping. Just in case you run out of knitting time. These are all one of a kind items, each artistically decorated in curly locks. If you'd like to see more stay tuned.
  • There's a new sale addition for us. Seems we are having a Black Friday sale but if there's anything you have to have before then I recommend snapping it up, especially the YF OOAK as they just can't be repeated.
2018 year long KAL's are in everyone's mind here. The blanket is amazing! We have a Baltimore Album quilt style blanket. This one is so much fun, some 3-D, some lace work, all so completely different from anything we've done in the past. The typical quilt would look something like this... but we are working towards getting a large center with radiating borders instead of blocks.
2018 Heirloom year long KAL has us finally getting to Tangiers. The design has the feel of the lovely tile work with the desert all around you. The colors are a golden turmeric and a dark night blue so far. Do let me know if you have a color idea. Looks like it's a square, possibly center diamond, not positive about that just yet. What we are positive about is the base, this year we are moving back up to a fine lace weight. Cheers all around. At 2/28nm it's still fine enough to get the job done. This super luxurious yarn is 55% silk/45% cashmere, for superior drape and hand... this one's just begging to be worked.
  Well Kiddies, I must away, packing up 64 mini 1 ounce bags for our contribution to the Spinning Box. Have a great week.