Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Lil Red

Hi Kiddies, it's that time,,, time for the Grimm! Yup Fairy Tales the way they were intended, they didn't always live happily ever after. We are kicking the year off with one of your favorites, a cape for Little Red Riding Hood, our Lil Red. She's endearing and yet, what's that following behind her? THE BIG BAD WOLF! Both of them also appear in a color named for them, very indicative of their namesakes. Currently in sample format we are looking for a few very fast test knitters.  I know the rest of you are chomping at the bit saying where's the page? Where's the pattern? Soon and very soon, just needed to give ya'll a heads up... Lil Red's coming down the path now, HIDE!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Knit Shawl Collar

Hi Kiddies, just quickly wanted to introduce our latest shawl, a Curly Lock product like the ones we produced in the Boutique this year. Only this one is for all you knit lovers out there.  You can find the kits here, we can and will work them up in any color you desire. It would be fun to KAL these up in our Ravelry group.
     Also needed to let you know that we are down to the last 4 skeins of the Madame DuPompadour yarn. If you wanted to score some, please don't dilly dally as we will not be pulling this one back in stock again. Once it's gone, that's all folks.

     "I couldn't get into Hogwarts so I'm traveling with The Doctor",,, a new purse fob. You can find this on the SM page here. Ships free with any yarn order. 8" long and full of my favorite charms from both stitch marker set.
     Hope everyone is doing well in the Fae Realm. We'll return shortly with more from the Grimm.

Monday, January 22, 2018


Hi Kiddies, have a request for you. Seems YouTube has changed their rules and we now need over 1,000 subscribers in order to make a few cents when you view our videos. We just purchased a bunch of new gear for making vid's and I was hoping to make some of it back. What can you do to help? Just subscribe, click here.

I made two new video's yesterday, the first is for fiber farms, sharing tips about how to pack fleece to make them super small.

The second shares all about our newest pattern, so new it's not up yet, look for it later today. If you love the shawl collar with our Curly Locks, but don't want to mess with wet felting? You don't have to, this ones knit! Tada! I finished it last night and hope to have a good photo, the pattern and kits up a bit later. I love this shawl and want to wear it all the time as it's a bit chilly here.  There's a great deal of warmth in all this wool.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tangiers our Year long heirloom

The 2018 year long heirloom is now open and it's for everyone this year. We went up to a size 1 needle and had a 2/28 extra fine lace weight spun up special just for this MKAL. The yarn is amazing, knits really easily due to the construction. We took 70% SW merino wool and 30% silk to add luster and shine, then added beads for sparkle, your going to love it. Come out and play.

WARNING- we had the yarn spun up special for us, there's a very limited amount. If you want in, find a way to get in sooner then later.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Harry Potter & other SM's

Just quickly wanted to pop in and let ya'll know about our new Harry Potter stitch marker set. There's so much involved in it as I purchased items for about a year to get everything together that we needed.
Link to the SM page. Check it out, this is a massive set at a dirt cheap introductory price.
Since we made the initial set we have had to reorder many of the charms already. We have added more charms as well with no additional fee. There are Harry's glasses as well as one with a lightening bolt and the Sword of Gryffindor. These are so popular that I can't keep them instock.  Please allow a few weeks for shipping.
     Also available are two new flower sets, head on over to the SM page and see what you like.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Last Call's

We have a couple of last calls I need to make you aware of so you don't miss out.

Madame Du Pompadour, last call to get yarn in time for MKAL to begin. Also limited quantities on this base, yarn will run out. If you want into the KAL or want more of this yarn, we need to know now.

Fae Yarn Club first quarter needs to be dyed, closing in four days, did you get your spot?

Welcome to 2018, it's going to be a great year as we celebrate the Year of the Grim. Come along, if you dare.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Creative Blocking Solutions

     Hi Kiddies, Chatty Patty has been hanging around so I thought I'd take advantage of the fact and write about something that I've wanted to share for some time. 
    As knitters and crocheters when we finish a project a lot of us will toss them into a basket, box or just into a pile... my, "I'm going to block all those one of these days", piles. This year saw my health decline and I ended up with just such a pile. Poor Kanuck was done about February and sat on a trunk at the foot of the bed for everyone to sit on, the dogs to get their claws into, dirt and who knows, perhaps our nemesis the moth could have gotten to it. Atop that was the Sheepies stole and embroidered CAL that I worked on back in the fall, lastly a bronze Christmas Star which Pixie #1 finished. Mind, these are all excessively awkward in both size and shape. Much of the time blocking in the past involved, vacuuming the carpet, lay down towels and crawling over the floor. Where we'd block a large shawl with wires and T pins before the door sort, of hugging the bed, the largest floor space available. After putting fans on it, the lace ones can dry in 2 hours, much more for these heavy weight shawls. It would have taken too much out of me to do all three, not to mention the time it would entail, probably all day to get three dry, possibly longer.... and there's my nemesis (the moth) to consider, our heirlooms must be protected.
    As I pondered more and different spaces throughout the house I realized the answer wasn't there, we just don't have any floor space remaining. Yes I could have used a bed but we are talking sport weight shawls, lots of water. Yes I could have rolled them into towels and walked the water out and made a few loads of towel laundry. Instead I began to think outside the box and out of doors. 
     There are as many methods of blocking as there are people, well it seems like there are. I knew the approach I wanted to take was to use the shawls natural weight to care for the edges, that I didn't want to pin them out. There's a small picnic table on the back porch, the style that converts into a bench, just a wee thing.
 This year I made two drainage racks using hardware cloth, PVC and foam pipe insulation, they are much like sweater drying nets.
    After securing a few loose threads, I began to wash, hauling my large buckets of wet yarn through the house as they were finished. Miraculously the shawls were no worse for the wear and tear they'd been receiving. No nemesis had turned up for the big send off. 
    Here are the shawls, Kanuck is the blue green which is laid out over the table. Christmas Star is the brown/purple. They were both much larger then the table/mat so they are folded in half. 
For Kanuck, the edges were gently smoothed out until I had the natural border, allowing gravity to weight the edge. Star has sharper points and I pulled each out and allowed it to dry over the cloth, thought about pinning it out but it's really so large to begin with that there's no need.
    The only danger with a folded method is the center back fold must be perfect, otherwise it will end wonky. I'm not terribly fiddly, nor can I stand for long periods, so I slammed these out quickly but I did take time to make sure the back folded well. 
    At this point your seeing creases in the shawl right? They actually had none. Sure there's a bit of a seam down the back but that will wear.
     Finally we have the stole, this puppy is about 80+ inches long. I added a large crochet border while I was using up the yarn plus my gauge might have been a tad off.  For this one I used a shower chair and the edge of the largest Jacuzzi style tub. The shawls so long that it hangs down and almost reaches the bottom on the side you can't see as well as the floor in the front. Yup we make big shawls.

Since posting several people have wanted to see these shawls, Kanuck's pattern is here. 
The kits are hereWe have VERY limited yarn available and it's been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Christmas Star is still being produced, knit and dyed by so many, it too is a lovely shawl from this past year. The pattern is here. We got a lot of call for these shawls, Raven and Dickens for Christmas knitting this year.

     Lastly I just want to make sure ya’ll know how much we love and appreciate, each and every one of you. So much patience, fore bearing and loyalty shown on your part. Not to mention the emotional support, you’ve shown us through the years. I’m very grateful that you have stuck around through my diseases, illness, that horrific short term memory loss, the surgeries, all scary stuff but you allowed us to make amends where needed and keep coming back, it's humbling. I thank you, your all incredible in my book and we all highly esteem (read LOVE), all ya’ll. Thank you for being part of our story. Merry Christmas.